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Year 6 to PGL

Governors wish all children in Year 6 a safe and exciting trip to PGL this week. We look forward to hearing all about it upon their return.

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Contacting Governors

The Parent/carer questionnaire continues to highlight that some parents are not sure how to contact Governors. Governors attend Parent Consultation Evenings and other main school events. Our photographs are on the school noticeboard and either Mrs Allen or Mr Mallon will pass on our details if you wish to contact any of us. Mathew James is Chair of the LPP Committee, Matthew Barfield, Chair of the FRC Committee and I, undersigned, am Chair of the Full Governing Body. Each Governor has a link area best fitted to their skill and prior experience and Mrs Allen, Clerk to the Governors, will direct you in the right direction if you have a query or comment. The Governors welcome feedback from the Parent Body so please do not hesitate to contact us. The majority of parents reported that they are aware of the role the Governors play in school. We have worked hard to ensure that this is the case and will continue to do so. Sue Gray.

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Governor News Apr-May 2015

Both Governor Committees met during April and May. The Learning and Pupil Progress Committee considered, in detail, the latest pupil progress data and I am pleased to report that this indicates that, once again, we are having a very successful year with many pupils making more than expected progress over the last two terms. This is due to the hard work and outstanding skills of our teaching and support staff.  Governors would like to thank them for their hard work, skill and dedication in the classroom. 
For the first time we have been monitoring behaviour trends in school during the lunchtime break.  This monitoring process will now be developed and extended to include lesson time.  School continue to report to Governors on Attendance and Safeguarding issues. 
The Finance and Resources Committee have been focussing on a review of the Year End figures (to March 31st 2015), giving our initial consideration to a Draft Budget for next year (2015-16) and the approval of both the School Fund Accounts and the DFC Accounts (2014-15).  Mrs Allen prepared these documents for the FRC's approval at our meeting on 6th May.  Our thanks go to her for completing this task for Governors, no mean feat!
A Health and Safety Audit ( Fire Regs.) was completed for County by Keith Thompson.  Our thanks to him for a very thorough piece of work.  Actions have been identified following this review. 
We have had fantastic feedback about the new website.  This will be regularly updated to keep you informed, so keep an eye on all the 'Hot Reminders' and the Blogs! 
I continue to look forward to meeting you at school events. Please do introduce yourself! Best wishes, Sue gray.
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Governors' update...

Thank you to those Parents who have returned their Questionnaires. We value your comments and Mr Mallon will share the results in due course. This month our Committees will be approving year-end figures, and looking at our draft Budget for 2015/16 for approval at our meeting in May. We have been looking at children’s progress and attainment and how pupil premium and sports premium monies are spent. Our Governors continue to visit school to challenge and support school improvement. Our recent JARV (Joint Annual Report Visit) conducted by our Hertfordshire Improvement Partner was excellent. We look forward to another busy term and wish all our children well in their SATs in May. Best wishes, Sue Gray - Chair of Governors.
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Thank you Mrs Patrick!

The Governors would like to extend our very grateful thanks for the hard work, and commitment Mrs Patrick (Yr 6 Teacher and SENCo) has given to St. Michael’s Woolmer Green school over 9 years at the school.  We wish her good luck and continued success as SENCo in her new School.

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Come and see us at your parent consultation!

Hi - governor representatives will be in the entrance hall and around the school when you come for your parent consultation.  We will be wearing lanyards with our names on. Please do come and talk to us if you have any questions or just fancy a chat! We look forward to meeting you.

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Governor news

The School Governors have had another busy term so far. We met on February 9th for a training session delivered by the County Governance Team in preparation for a future Ofsted inspection.  We have done a lot of work on this new website and are very excited to see it live now! We have completed an audit on the distinctive Christian nature of the school looking at both the fabric of the building and also the ethos generated. There has been a massive review of all the policies and practices to reflect the new requirements for Special Educational Needs and Disability Reforms. Finally, we have been conducting a thorough review of all attainment data using highly specialised technology created for this purpose. For more details please see the newsletter. Sue Gray.                              

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