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Governor News...

The Finance and Resources Committee met on 20th January to review and approve the figures for November and December. Once again, I am pleased to report that the school is in a healthy financial position through prudent spending and therefore has been able to increase staffing for Year 6 to provide additional intervention and booster sessions for our pupils in line with the priorities set out in the School Improvement Plan. At this meeting we were also able to approve the draft of the Schools Financial Value Standard. This document is a mandatory requirement for maintained schools and provides a set of questions where Governors can discuss with the school how our finances are managed. There have been Governor visits made to the school by Dr Matt James (Chair of LPP Committee), Keith Thompson (Buildings, Health & Safety) and Emma Broughton (e-Safety & Website). Our two new Governors Neil Gammon and Rachel Stringer are booked on Governor Induction this term. The Full Governing Body met on 26th January. At this meeting, with guidance from Mathew James, we were able to follow up on the training that the Governing Body received on Understanding School Performance Data. Mr Mallon also reported to the FGB on the progress made by the school towards the School Improvement Plan. This included a plan for improving writing and provision for the Most Able. With best wishes, Sue Gray - Chair of Governors.

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Governor news...

Our Finance and Resources Committee met on 9th November to review and approve the month end figures for Sept/Oct, to approve the funding provided by the Sports Premium, for Children Most Able and for the delivery of the School’s Writing Plan. I am pleased to report that the School’s finances are in good shape, that the money we receive is well spent and that resources are well managed. The school’s budget is clearly linked to the School Improvement Plan (SIP) with both Pupil Premium monies and Sports Premium impacting on the targeted pupils and the wider school respectively. These are detailed on the School’s website. The Appraisal Policy was approved and the Draft Admissions Policy (2017-18) was submitted to County for approval. 

The Full Governing Body met on November 18th where the Committee chairs reported on the work undertaken this term so far and Mr Mallon reported on progress towards the 5 school priority targets. There have been several Governor Visits to school this month.  Each visit is designed to have a focus linked to the SIP. This month there have been visits observing Most Able Provision, e-safety, safeguarding and SEND. Following each visit Governors submit a report to their sub-committee for discussion.  As a result of the safeguarding visit the Annual Report and Audit were submitted to County.

You will have seen that there are two vacancies for Parent Governors.  I would encourage any parent/carer who can offer their skills and expertise to come and join our Governing Body. We aim to be an integral part of the School joining with Senior Leaders, parents and pupils in helping to raise standards for all. A very worthy cause designed to make a direct impact on pupil progress!

Finally, the Governors welcomed the opportunity to meet many parents at the two Parent Consultation Evenings. Thank you to all who spoke to us on either of these evenings.  Your feedback helps both the Governors and the school to continue to develop.

With good wishes, Sue Gray; Chair of Governors.

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Governors' News...

The Governors are in full swing with the Learning and Pupil Progress Committee and the Finance and Resources Committee both meeting this month. We have focussed our work on the five priorities identified by the School Improvement Plan. We are reviewing our pupil progress and attainment data form 2014-15, our plans for 2015-16 and the funding and
resources to support these plans. There have been several Governor Visits into school this month focusing on a broad range of subjects from Maths, Writing, Health and Safety, Buildings to Safeguarding and SEND. Governors have been in class getting a real taste of the work our children are doing. Governors continue to review and adopt policies as and when they are due. All Governors attended one of the Parent Consultation evenings and I do hope we had an opportunity to meet you there. It has been a busy half term with our new children settling in well to school. I hope you had an enjoyable half term holiday and I look forward to meeting many of you next half term.  Sue Gray, Chair.
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Governor news...

The Learning and Pupil Progress Committee met on 3rd June with a full and exciting agenda to work through. Mrs Rawson updated the Governors on Literacy issues. I am pleased to say she was able to paint a very positive picture with pupils' making excellent progress with their writing. The development of writing in all classes was the School's Priority Area 2 for this year. Our progress was moderated externally and an outstanding report on pupils' attainment in writing resulted. Writing in RE books is particularly strong. Mr Mallon and Dr James reported on the progress of pupils in Numeracy. Once again, I am pleased to say that many new initiatives/resources have been put in place this year and pupil progress is good. We are expecting the SATs results for our Year 6 pupils next week and Mr Mallon will be able to provide parents with a full breakdown of these for our own pupils and how they compare with other similar schools nationally. Governors are required to scrutinise the progress data of all pupils in school to ensure that all pupils are making substantial and sustained progress (OFSTED wording!) At our meeting we agreed the best way to complete this task so that Governors can challenge and support the school in an appropriate and effective manner. I am pleased to report that our current data indicates that the majority of our pupils are making excellent progress. Parents will be aware that the Government have introduced new assessment criteria over the last year which effectively assesses pupils' deep knowledge and understanding. This is a change in emphasis from the previous assessment criteria. It was agreed at this meeting that Mr Mallon would extend his monitoring of behaviour to include the recording of good 'Behaviours for Learning' so that we can continue to build on good practice. The introduction of the core values each month have been really helpful with guiding pupil behaviour. Mrs Fincham reported to the meeting on the variety of school visits on offer. By the end of term all classes will have had the opportunity to attend a trip.  These vary from trips to: PGL (Residential for Year 6) , Fairlands Valley, Cuffley Camp, Harry Potter Studios, Bekonscot Model Village, St Albans Abbey and Knebworth House. The end of term is busy for Governors. The Learning and Pupil Progress Committee meet on June 29th, The Finance and Resources Committee on 6th July and the Full Governing Body on 13th July. Towards the end of term I will send to you the Governors Report to Parents for the Year 2014-15. Please do give me feedback on our work in/with the school. Positive comments help too!! Sue Gray, Chair Of Governors. 

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Governor news...

At our Full Governing Body meeting on 19th May we were very pleased to welcome a new Co-opted Governor, Emma Broughton, onto the Committee.  Emma brings with her a wealth of experience and many skills gained from her professional life which has largely been spent in the field of retail. Our main Agenda item at this meeting was the approval of the budget for 2015-16. Mr Mallon presented Governors with a draft budget where all new contracts and proposed staffing were accounted for. Governors were pleased to be able to approve this. The next step is for the school to evaluate the current provision for our pupils and formulate an Improvement Plan for the year 2015-16 within the constraints of the budget. This will be presented to Governors in our July meeting for approval and then to staff at the beginning of the Autumn Term. Sue Gray, Chair of Governors.
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