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Governor News

Governors visit the school on at least one occasion every term during the school working day. These visits help us gain a greater understanding and insight into school life, learn about the aspirations of our children and to see how the school begins to meet the priorities as set out in the School Improvement Plan. This term we are planning something new, a Governor’s Open Day (well, afternoon strictly). On this occasion the pupils will ‘show case’ some of the work they have been doing this term, talk about what they have been learning and share some of the exciting learning opportunities they have day by day at St Michaels. We are all looking forward to this day enormously.  The visits will be followed by tea and cake with the staff (thanks to Emma Broughton) when we will have the chance to discuss with the staff what we have seen earlier in the day. Finally, we will hold our Full Governing Body meeting on the same evening, a little earlier than normal, and we hope that some of the staff may join us for this. We aim to work as an integral part of the school where senior leaders, staff, parents/carers value the importance of a strong Governing Body just as we, as Governors,  value the outstanding work achieved each and every day by our staff and children. At our Learning and Pupil Progress Meeting on Monday 3rd October we welcomed Stephen Long as our new Chair. Caroline Fincham agreed to act a Vice – Chair and as minute taker (thank you). This was a really positive meeting. We heard how well our Reception children have settled and about their attainment on entry. Miss Tobin is enjoying the new challenge of working with our Reception children and has ordered some new play equipment to support the work she is doing. Mr Mallon was able to present an in depth analysis of the end of Key Stage data including EYFS for both attainment and progress.  The data looks strong when compared with National and Hertfordshire for like schools. Our School Improvement Plan has been reviewed to include any new areas for development following the analysis. Miss Prentice (Deputy Head) attended the meeting and gave Governors feedback on her work so far to develop the new Maths curriculum. Work is continuing to enhance the role of subject leaders. At our Parents Consultation Evening on October 19/20th Governors were really pleased to speak with many parents/carers.  It really helps us develop our knowledge of the school when meeting and talking to you, thank you. By the time you read this your children will have returned to school following the half term break.  I do hope you had enjoyable times whether near or far. My best wishes to you all Sue Gray, Chair.

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