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Governors Update March 2017

Our inaugural Governors Day in December 2016 was a great success. Accompanied by Y6 pupils, governors toured the school in small groups and visited each class. The children were able to show us their work and talked with us about the learning opportunities they had experienced. At the end of the day the whole school came together for a Collective Worship at which Governors Awards were presented to two children in each year group to recognize and celebrate their positive approach to leaning.  

Since the start of the new year, the governing body has continued to assess the school's progress towards meeting its main priorities for 2016-17, as outlined in the School Improvement Plan. Following our Ofsted Inspection in November 2016, some additional priority areas have been identified and work is already underway in several of these. The main priorities identified in the School Improvement Plan and the 'next steps' identified by Ofsted are detailed below.

School Improvement Plan 2016-17

Main Priority 1 - Effectiveness of Leadership and Management - embed new leadership roles to drive forward effective school improvement and to embed the new staffing structure.

Main Priority 2 - Quality of Teaching, Learning and Assessment - to ensure all teaching remains good and mostly outstanding and that assessment procedures are developed in line with the increased expectations of the National Curriculum.

Main Priority 3 - Personal development, behavior and welfare - to enhance the provision for all pupils including the most able and the disadvantaged. Extend opportunities for independent and enriched learning.

Main Priority 4 - Outcomes for Pupils - to ensure that all pupils make substantial and sustained progress in maths by the end of the academic year. Our school target is that 100% of pupils achieve age related expectations in maths.

Main Priority 5 - Christian Ethos of School - to continue to develop our Distinctive Christian Ethos by enabling pupils to know about and understand Christianity as a living faith.

Work is already underway on the three 'next steps' identified by Ofsted. These are:

1. Pupils to be given more opportunity to develop their mathematical skills in other subjects such as Science.

2. Incidents related to pupils behavior are analysed effectively to improve behavior at playtimes.

3. Effective lines of communication are established with all parents across the whole school community.

In our efforts to support the school in the area of parental communications, the Vice Chair has been assigned this an additional link area; governors were present at the recent 'meet and greet' sessions hosted by Mrs Martin; relevant governors will also participate in the newly established Parent Council and all governors will continue to attend Parent Consultation evenings.

In addition, governors continue to visit school on a regular basis and attend relevant training courses and briefings - details of both visits made and training attended are available from the school office upon request.

Rachel Stringer

Vice Chair

March 2017

Introduction to the Governing Body:

The Governing Body has a general responsibility for ensuring that the school is run effectively, acting within the legal framework set by legislation and the policies of our local authority (LA), so that it provides the best possible education for our pupils.  We are not expected to take detailed decisions about the day to day management of the school; that is the job of our Head Teacher, Brendan Mallon.

The Governing Body must ensure that in delivering its responsibilities, it promotes and safeguards the welfare of our pupils.

At St.Michael’s we have 14 Governors (2 vacant).  We hold regular meetings, make frequent visits to the school and encourage close links between school and home. We write home each month to parents/carers giving a summary of our activities and invite parents/carers to contribute to our discussions.

Powers and Duties of the Governing Body:

  • Helping to establish (with the Head Teacher) the aims and policies of the school, and how the standards of education can be improved
  • Deciding the conduct of the school, that is, how in general  it should be run
  • Helping to draw up (with the Head Teacher and staff) the School Improvement Plan
  • Helping to decide how to spend the school’s budget
  • Making sure that the National Curriculum and religious education are taught
  • Selecting the Head
  • Appointing, promoting, supporting and disciplining other staff
  • Drawing up an action plan after an inspection and monitor how the plan is put into practice.


To ensure that the work of the Governing Body is carried out effectively, two committees have been created.  Each committee has a specific area of responsibility and some delegated powers. All Governors belong to a committee and have a designated role.  These are carefully matched to our skills and training to ensure our statutory duties are covered in full.  All committees are responsible to the Full Governing Body (FGB).  The committees are as follows:

  • Finance and Resources (FRC)
  • Learning and Pupil Progress (LPP)

Each of these committees meets twice per term.  Minutes of these meetings are available for all to read and can be obtained from the school office.  Additionally, the Governors produce an Annual Report for Parents/carers, which is emailed home with the July Newsletter.

Our current Full Governing Body (2016-17) and our roles:

  • Chair:  Sue Gray  (DBE Governor) FRC, LPP – HR incl. Performance Related Pay, SEND, Parents/carers
  • Vice Chair:  Rachel Stringer (Parent Governor) LPP – Admissions, English, Most Able, Parent Communications
  • Clerk to the Governors:  Abigail Seeley  
  • Chair FRC: Dr Matthew Barfield: (PCC Governor) – Premises, Policies
  • Vice Chair LPP: Caroline Fincham (Staff Governor) FRC – Admissions, Other Subjects
  • Head Teacher: Jan Martin (Staff Governor) FRC, LPP – Finance, OFSTED
  • Vice Chair FRC: Emma Broughton: (Co-Opted Governor), e-Safety, Computing
  • Rev'd David Munchin (X-Officio Governor) FRC – Christian character/environment
  • Chair LPP: Dr. Stephen Long (DBE Governor) LPP - Pupil progress, Data and Maths
  • Keith Thompson (PCC Governor) FRC – Health and safety, Premises
  • Neil Gammon (Parent Governor) LPP - Safeguarding
  • Kate Stuart (LEA Governor) - LPP
  • Mrs Lesley Griffiths (PCC Governor) - LPP
  • Rev'd: Dominic Holroyd-Thomas (PCC Governor) - LPP

For more details of our work we have drawn up a clear development plan and this can be viewed, on request, at the school office.

Sue Gray
Chair of Governors

Governors of St Michael's Woolmer Green School:


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Sue Gray - Chair Rachel Stringer - Vice Chair Jan Martin - Head Teacher  
Stephen  Caroline Emma  
Dr Stephen Long Caroline Fincham Emma Broughton  
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Neil Gammon Keith Thompson Lesley Griffiths  
David Revd Holroyd Kate  
Rev'd David Munchin Rev'd Dominic Holroyd-Thomas Kate Stuart  
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Abigail Seeley - Clerk Dr Matt Barfield